The world's first, fully-controllable mobile broadcasting tool, already used by news networks worldwide. We turn iPhones into broadcast cameras delivering full HD signals from even the most challenging environments and locations.

Our unique “REMOTE” mode allows MCR engineers to control focus, shutter, zoom, latency and now - via remote-controlled gimbal - pan and tilt. With H.265 built into the Suite, FSN LIVE and our partners at VITEC are revolutionizing the world of live mobile broadcasting and boosting the prospect of successful live-shot delivery over public cellular and wifi networks.

From news bureaus around the world, and from special locations whenever news breaks, FSN LIVE is revolutionizing the world of live TV news connectivity.  With fixed, permanent studios and a brand new iPhone app, FSN LIVE is the first fully-mobile live broadcast platform designed by TV news professionals for TV news professionals.

FSN LIVE operates daily from bureaus worldwide

Created by Feature Story News, an Emmy Award-winning broadcast news agency, FSN LIVE delivers flawless, cost-effective live connections from a growing number of locations around the world.  The service delivers full HD broadcast connections over IP, improving on the technical quality offered by satellite and fiber connections and dramatically reducing costs.  FSN LIVE can help any broadcaster seeking live studios in the world's major datelines, or needing special live coverage from the scene of breaking news.

Whether using FSN's own team of award-winning correspondents, your own reporters, or guests your producers have booked at remote locations, FSN LIVE will deliver flawless, high quality content that will simultaneously reduce your costs and expand your global reach. And now with FSN LIVE’s Mobile App for iPhones, broadcasters can use the service from almost anywhere on the planet. Custom-designed for broadcasters by broadcasters, the iPhone app bonds cellular and WiFi signals and delivers crystal-clear broadcast transmissions with minimal latency, each of them monitored for quality by our Master Control team.

Below are examples of FSN LIVE in action. For more information about how FSN LIVE can help your broadcast, contact us now.

European Migration Summit - Malta, November 2015

Greece Decides - September 2015

UN General Assembly - September 2015

Boston Marathon Bombing Trial, May 2015

Venezuela Decides - December 2015

Scottish Referendum - September 2014