FSN LIVE provides clients with innovative ways of receiving affordable, easy-to-schedule HD live shots from our growing network of fixed studios and special breaking news locations.

FSN LIVE's decoder delivers HD signals from our live news events worldwide.

Through our advanced delivery technology, FSN LIVE expands and broadens the live global studio access news directors demand, while delivering a cost-effective service to extend limited newsroom budgets.

Once installed in your network's Master Control Room, our FSN LIVE decoder simply requires power, broadband (ideally 10 mbps) and an SDI cable.  Once equipped with all three, FSN will instantly deliver live HD signals into your studio gallery from any location on the FSN LIVE network.  Whether you want to go live from Moscow, Los Angeles, Brussels or Kampala, each HD signal comes to you down the same path and is booked and confirmed via just one central scheduling system.

FSN LIVE signals are provided with extremely low latency and robust signal quality, all without the expense or complication of satellite or fiber transmissions.  Additionally, FSN LIVE's proprietary mobile solution assures clients reliable HD and SD connections even in breaking news environments.

For a no-obligation trial of FSN LIVE contact us now at:  info@featurestory.com